A compelling speaker and storyteller, Sergeant Noah Galloway of the 1 of the 502  Infantry of the 101st Airborne Division, delivers high-energy presentations on his personal transformation from an injured Iraq war veteran to Men’s Health Ultimate Guy. Have Noah Galloway, war veteran, fitness guru and dedicated father, motivate your audience to stop making excuses and start taking strides to enable success.

“We must appreciate and never underestimate our own inner power.”


No Excuses

Push beyond your limit Noah has proven to others and himself that through training, competition and attention to detail, you can overcome anything. Through personal transformation, Noah has learned the only way to overcome adversity is to commit to goal setting. His journey resonate with audiences driven to pursue their personal and career goals.  He does not falter in his drive to succeed and encourages others to embrace the mentality that helped him “become better, not bitter.”


Noah admits he is not perfect. No one person is. Noah embraces his mission to fight against anything that’s holding him back, become a better person and inspire others. Noah has evolved to become a public figure of integrity whose core values guide his decisions. From his years in the military and journey out of depression, Noah shares stories of the leaders who have inspired him and the lessons that have made him the resilient role model he is today.

Outside the comfort zone

Noah has faced tough situations in his life. He was not sure if he’d be able to come back after losing two limbs, and diving into a deep depression. One day, he woke up and chose to focus not on what he’d lost, but all he had left. After months of relentless hours in the gym, Noah’s fitness quickly improved and landed him the cover of Men’s Health magazine. He then stepped even further outside his comfort zone as a contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Now, Noah is speaking about how he summoned up the courage to face his fears and challenge himself – and how you can too!


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“Noah was an AMAZING motivational speaker for our group of 1800 high school students! He held their complete attention! I believe his ability to share his personal experiences is a gift and I cannot express my gratitude enough in thanking him for the concessions he made in order to present to our group.”

— Alabama State Department of Education

“His story was amazing, and the motivation and inspiration he left behind for everyone who was involved with our event will be everlasting.”

— Catholic Charities Community Services