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  1. AMAZING!!! Got a chance to hear you speak this week at the NAFAPA -Lakeshore Foundation Event; I am now home spreading the message of WILL, determination and goal setting to my three young children. AMAZING-AWESOME; proclaimed my seven year old with pure joy and exclamation! Good luck with your next climb and GOD BLESS!
    The Tyler Family

  2. hello i saw you on TV and saw your website and looked thanks for shareing your story it is going to give me the Power to start stretching and doing more every day till i feel better out of all the stuuf we see web,TV,internet ect your story is Great ThanksMuch Roy Crush

  3. Hey Noah, I came across you on the b-ham jk site and saw the build for you. I am also a combat veteran of OIF and I just wanted to say thanks for what you have done and continue to do for us all. HOOOAH!

  4. Noah thank you for your service to our country! You are great inspiration for me and my children! Keep up the good work

  5. Thanks for sharing your story. You’re an inspiration! I found your site thanks to someone you met recently at an event. He spoke the world of you and I can see why. Thank you for your service, sacrifice and the motivation you provide.

  6. Hello Noah,

    Since birth i’m missing a part of my left arm. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your amazing story. You are one of my inspirations. Thanks for giving the motivation by showing what thrue determination is.

    I’m from Holland, but I hope to see you some day.
    grz Rudy de Jonge

  7. You came to my school today and gave you story it inspired me so much that I dicided to go for my goal on Saturday with is 12 miles of running I was thinking of doing it but you just made up my mind. I used to be 200 pounds and over the summer I lost 70 pounds it was a great achievement but I still felt down then I heard about you and how you changed you body and it gave me motivation to keep on working out. So Thanks so much for you hard work and detication to what you do. Thank you and I will remember #noexcusesnoah And thanks for you service.

  8. Noah, I’ve been watching you and cheering for you on DWTS. Keep up the amazing work. I watched your contempary dance this afternoon. I was moved so very much, I was reminded of myself. I have a disability that is almost completely visible. I have probably having motivation to better myself. Watching the video clips of you working out, even the stumps of your limbs that were amputed. Now I know I have #NoExcuses. Thank you so much for being an inspiration and a real hero. Thank you so very much for your service, God Bless.

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