Full Name: Noah Galloway

Residence: Alabaster, Alabama

Children: 2 Boys, 1 Girl

Marital Status: In long-term relationship with Jamie Boyd                        Twice Divorced   

Age: 33 years old

Motto: #NoExcusesNoah


A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Sergeant Noah Galloway was assigned to the 1st of the 502nd Infantry of the 101st Airborne Division out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Just three months in to his second tour of duty, he experienced a life changing injury. On December 19, 2005, Galloway lost his left arm above the elbow and left leg above the knee in an Improvised Explosive Device attack. He was transported to Germany to receive medical treatment, remaining unconscious for five days. Galloway woke up late in the evening on Christmas Eve to learn he lost two of his limbs and sustained severe injuries to his right leg and his jaw. Galloway was then transferred to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC.

After a long stint in recovery and rehabilitation, Galloway did what many disabled veterans do, becoming withdrawn, out of shape and depressed. The former fitness fanatic and hyper competitive athlete was now drinking, smoking and sleeping his days away. But late one night, Galloway took a long look in the mirror and realized there was more to him than the injuries. And he set a goal to get back in shape, be healthier and inspire others.

Now a personal trainer and motivational speaker, Galloway doesn’t take excuses from his clients, fans and followers – and finds ways to get things done. He continues to compete, participating in adventure races around the country, such as Tough Mudder, Spartan events, Crossfit competitions plus numerous 5K and 10K races.

A sought after public speaker, Galloway travels the country sharing his story, encouraging and motivating others to offer no excuses. From elementary school assemblies to veterans organizations to corporate sales meetings, Galloway’s enthusiasm for life and his passion for helping others brings a unique perspective to gatherings.

Most recently, Galloway appeared on the November cover of Men’s Health Magazine, as he was named the publication’s 2014 Ultimate Guy. He’s also been a guest on numerous national talk shows including Ellen and The Today Show.

A firm believer in giving back to those around him in need, Galloway recently created the No Excuses Charitable Fund, which raises money and awareness for organizations that mean the most to him, including Operation Enduring Warrior and the YMCA of Alabaster, AL.

Galloway, a father of three, currently resides in Alabaster, AL.


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  1. Noah, my name is Kirk Spence and I am a 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher at Liberty Park Middle School. As you may or may not know, we are the other middle school for Vestavia Hills High School. We are having our annual Veteran’s Day Assembly coming up and would love to see if you may be available to speak. If you do not mind, please e-mail me and let me know if that may be a possibility. If you want, you may call me at (205) 370-1689. I greatly appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks again, Kirk

    1. Noah you inspire me I am going to be cheering you on dancing with the stars
      This season because your story about
      Your injuries reminded me of what had happened to J.R. Martinez he was also an veteran and got to be on dancing with the stars on its 13th season and
      I was also cheering him on too while
      Dancing with Karina Smirnoff but you of all the veterans out there in Iraq are Dancing with Sharna Burgess way 2 go so you go out there and show me how you can really dance on this show ok sincerely your big fan Liz Sattler.

        1. You have two votes here every week here in Calera. My girlfriend met you when she was working at Biotech. You are more than an inspiration to me.

          1. Appreciate the votes, Brett! My BioTech Limb & Brace family has been so supportive – please tell your girlfriend hi for me.



        2. Noah, thank you for your service and sacrifice. Thank you for being a powerful inspiration. I admire your heroism not only on duty but as a veteran.
          My son, PFC Lefebvre, Tyler, is a “Witchdoctor” stationed at Ft. Campbell. Should you find yourself near base, this Army Mom would be grateful if you crossed his path. He faces challenges being so far away from home here in NH and seems to have more down days than up days. I’m certain you can relate to the first years as a soldier.
          I adore you on DWTS and you have my votes each week. Your contemporary dance during the memorable year week truely brought me to tears of pure pride in the power of inner strength.
          God speed soldier.

      1. Hello Noah,

        You are a great inspiration and I want to say thank you for your service in the military. You inspire with your dancing ability and you can tell the trust you and Sharna have for one another. I would love to see you win DWTS. I wish you success in all your endeavors. Love and Prayers, Mama Jan

  2. You and my niece are running the Marine Corps Marathon as I write this note. Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you guys, and as a fellow kilt wearer, always like to see a mate sportin’ the kilt.
    Congratulations and best wishes.
    Dave Dallas
    Bend, OR

  3. I heard you speak at the ATA Christmas Dinner Meeting last night in Pelham, AL. You are an amazing young man to endure what you have been through and to do what you are doing. You inspire so many people and I just wanted to say Thank You for what you have done for our country and for what you continue to do for other wounded veterans. Best Wishes,
    Annette Munger
    Cullman, AL

  4. While driving down Friday night from Chattanooga to Sylacauga I heard you on the radio. I instantly was blessed inspired and so thankful for you. I wish you could come to our high school and talk you are so uplifting and positive. I am thankful for your service and protection of us and our nation. I am even more thankful that you have this positive attitude.

      1. Thanks, Ryan!

        Team Noah here and we appreciate the support so much! Unfortunately, due to Noah’s Dancing with the Stars rehearsal schedule, he will not be able to visit ABC Prosthetics, but sends his gratitude for extending the invitation.

        We’re all looking forward to DWTS Season 20 and hope you decide to vote #DWTSNoah on Monday, March 16th – Sharna & Noah need your help!


        1. oh my god Noah watching you on Dancing with the Stars is so inspiring I always try to practice is easier to love than to hate and my God it is a understatement of how much I love you and your courage thank you so much what you’ve done for all of us and I wish I had someone in my corner like you to kick my butt and help me get in shape thanks again

  5. I met you, i believe almost3 yearsago in Pinson or Alabaster. I wirked for BW and dyncorp WPPS. they may take my leg. Would like to get in touch withyou

  6. Hi, I am the Massachusetts Amputee Coalition Peer Visitor Facilitator and the New England Amputee Association Founder.
    I’m working to coordinate peer visits with the local Boston hospitals for the bombing victims.
    Can you please contact me? Because they are not military but experience trauma like yourself my hope is to have both veterans and
    civilians visit these new amputees.
    Thank you for your time.
    God Bless you for your service.

  7. If you can please get a hold of us. Call Reno Refractories and my dad will give you our number. I really need your help!! Missy skinner ( Jeff’s Skinner wife). Thank you.

  8. Thank you for your service.
    If you’re ever in N.Y. you should stop by Buffalo for their Celtic Festival.

  9. Ran with you at tough mudder 2013 mount snow!!! Awesome standing on top of the MT Everest obstacle watching you beast thru it.
    Baddest dude I’ve ever met…..

    1. When you get this kind of response from someone who has been there-(Tough Mudder 2013)-it’s more than any CNN or ABC or NBC or CBS could EVER give you–more than any of us could give you, you’ve earned the title “Baddest dude I ever met”
      An inspiration to all of us–
      Thank you for your sacrifices, and your dedication to continuing the help and education of all us Vets.

  10. I ran the same Tough Mudder at Mount Snow, Vermont as you this past weekend. Complete inspiration to me. Keep up the great work and thanks for your military service and motivational service!

    Hartford, Connecticut

  11. Met you on a plane from pgh after
    The training camp you attended. Lo and behold you were in a spot on television! I didn’t realize how accomplished you were–and modest! It really would be a pleasure to see you again if you get to the burghers again even if you run with our fast set.

  12. Noah what an inspiration! I just watched you run a tough mudder on heart goes out to are truly an in inspiration.i literally cried watching you motivate and push people to never give made me realize I can achieve anything I set my mind to.thank you.God Bless You

  13. Hey Noah, we spoke on Twitter… First & foremost, THANK YOU for your service! On behalf of my family I cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate the very freedoms that you and fellow soldiers protect. God Bless.. When we spoke on Twitter I mentioned I wanted to share my story (multiple brain surgeries) and discuss the Public Speaking world. Would you be so kind as to send an email address I can write to you that is private as to not appear on a public board as some of the messages above are? If this is a secure address and my email can stay private between you and I, please let me know so I can write to you. Tgank you again Noah, talk soon. Have an Incredible Day!

  14. Hi Noah,
    I’m right knee disarticulation and right hanger finger amputee. I use running leg (3s80&1e90) since one month. I follow you, you are very succesfull. I want to be succesfull as you. Good luck .

    Nuri Kart.

  15. Dude, as a fellow screamin eagle I see your picture and think of those I treated while deployed ! Spent 03-04 as BTN SGN in 1/327 . Also – a fellow mudder and you inspire me! YOU are a hero!

  16. Hey Noah,

    We met at Stephen and Elizabeth’s b-day party last month. How’s everything going? It was great talking to you, maybe we can all hang out together again soon.


  17. I am relieved by your determination. Reading Black Hearts and learned of your injuries. Had expected to find alcohol and bitterness. Thanks.

    I am not at any disadvantage in life and your efforts help me to make the best of myself and my present circumstances.

    You are in my prayers and I thank you for the danger you took on behalf of all of us.

  18. Noah, you look like one tough SOB, I have been diagnosed with CRPS IN THE UPPER LEFT EXTREMITIES so far! I would love to try to fight this any way I can any suggestions?I dont remember who left me your name ,but I am glad they did you quite one hell of BAD ASS AMERICAN!

  19. Dear Noah…
    Let me start by saying … Ima101stArmyMom, HOOAH♡…My only child, Sgt. Rob Gardner 1/320th was deployed to Iraq for the 1st time in Sept 2005 with you. He subsiquently went back again in 2007 and Thankfully I am one of the Moms that got my Son back without injury. I simply wanted to say Hooah young man and God bless you, your family and ALL of your brothers and sisters in arms…I love you all in a way the only a Mother can…The 101st owns my heart forever!!

    1. Cindee,

      Wow, thank you for your son’s service – what is his name? As you can imagine Noah is rather busy in NYC, but we’d LOVE to let Noah know your son is home safe!

      -Team Noah

      1. noah u r just unreal im just looking at u dancing what an inspiration to everyone wat u hav overcome makes aw our troubles seem so small thank u

  20. what an inspiration you are, in both your service to your country and not allowing your disability to disable you. I have shown your story to my son who had a transverse myelopathy at the age of 20 which left him with muscle atrophy and muscle weakness on his right side (due to nerve damage). He, too, has not allowed his disability to disable him. 4 years on he still goes to the gym every day to work on his stubborn body. I have the greatest admiration for both of you and I am sure that you are a wonderful role model for your children.

  21. Mr. Galloway,
    Came across your story. Amazing. It’s people like you that make physical therapists like me believe in human potential. God put people like you on Earth to help others. You have in so many ways. More than you or I will ever know.

    I am doing some genealogy work for my dad. We go back to Marshall Galloway from Maryland and who fought in the Revolutionary War. If you think we may be related or would like some info on it for yourself, you got my email.

    God Bless,
    John Galloway

  22. Mr. Noah,
    How are you? I saw your article and it really inspired me. If you overcome being an amputee then you seem like a hero that can overcome anything. I have been going through some difficult times and just wondered if I might be able to talk to you about tips to overcome it. Please e-mail me if you can. would mean a lot to me. Thank you sir.

  23. I saw you on Ellen. Your story is the most inspiring one I have ever heard. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have had both knees replacement. Still difficulty walking – have a very significant limp. But your story gives me hope.

    God bless you!

  24. Noah…THANK YOU so very much for your service to our country. I am retired from the military after 23 yrs. of service and my nephew served in Afghanistan and is currently training as an Army Ranger. So we understand your pride and determination.
    You are a shining example of a true soldier that never gives up no matter what the circumstances are!

  25. Noah, as I sat in my bedroom today folding laundry, I was fortunate enough to be watching Ellen, and saw someone who I easily connected to. …you. Although I have never been in the military, fired a gun, nor God forbid had to deal with losing any limbs physically, I have gone through depression and felt the loss of an emotional and familial limb, 2 years ago today. I lost my grandmother to cancer. Just like you said you felt anger over losing your limbs because you’re an active person, I felt anger, rage, wanted everyone I encountered to feel hurt and sometimes went out of my way to hurt them emotionally. I drank everyday because reality vanished at the bottom of the bottle. I finally came out the other side and grieved, cried and still do every once in a while when I think of a fond memory, smell a certain scent or hear something that would make her smile. Thank you from beyond the bottom of my heart for speaking so candidly today. You’re an extremely special man, saved for greatness more than you’ve already done. Thank you sir for your service and as my grams would say, (In the good way) “Bless your heart”.

    Cheers to living life with #NoExcuses

  26. I missed the day you were on Ellen. Thank goodness for the internet. You were rocking cool as you always are. Thanks for representing the city of Alabaster so well. I pray this is the launching pad for all the goals you’ve set. May God continue to bless those things you set your hands too.

  27. Hi Noah. I’m a student from John Sutter Middle School, it’s in Fowler. I’m in 8th grade. What you did was incredible and inspiring to everyone. Your family must be really proud of you. Everyone at my school knows about the amazing thing you did.

  28. Hi Noah. It’s me again. I saw on you blog what you did with the Team X-T.R.E.M.E. I was like WOW. I’m showing everyone of my classmates and their like Amazing and Inspired. You really inspired a lot of my classmates. At first I thought that I was worthless but now after I heard about you I never gave up on anything, thanks to you.

    1. You are not worthless. Don’t EVER give up. Continue to inspire your friends and challenge each other to be better, not bitter.

      Noah Galloway

  29. Noah….thank you for your service and sacrifice to our country. I saw you on the Ellen show and I was very moved by your story. I can come up with every excuse in the book it seems as to why I can’t go for a run or go to the gym! You motivate me to set goals and believe in myself. Thank you for being an overcomer! Best of luck to you in your Ironman.

    God Bless,
    April G.

    1. Glad I could inspire you to challenge yourself! Appreciate the support so much.

      Keep working towards your goals!

      Take care,
      Noah Galloway

  30. Hey Noah,

    I just got my copy of Men’s Health and read your story. I want to tell you that you are an inspiration and a model for people around the world. Somewhere on your website, you said that if you inspired even one person that you accomplished important goal. You definitely inspired me. And I am certain that there are millions more that you inspired. Best wishes from Canada and all the best to you and your loved ones.


  31. Dear Sergeant Galloway.

    I have just discovered you and your amazing story by chance as I was exploring “Men’s Health” “YouTube” videos.

    The moment that I saw a “still” photograph of you I recognized your greatness. Hearing you relate your experiences instantly confirmed your outstanding heroism!!!

    Watching a second YouTube video of your appearance on the “Ellen” show confirmed my initial perception.

    On behalf of ALL Mothers who have ever lived, I SALUTE YOU SERGEANT GALLOWAY!!!

    I also salute your equally courageous Family!!!

    With heartfelt appreciation and admiration for you all from your newest “Team Noah” Supporter,


  32. I just saw you on Ellen !!!! I had to google U…what an incredible story!! you are an incredible human being . I hope that people in the same circumstances can have the drive yoU have.

  33. Was reading an article on about you today – your story made it all the way to my home country germany :)
    I thought that’s pretty amazing and I’m so happy you get to touch so many life’s and act as such a inspiring role model …
    My husband is a blank hawk pilot – he’s been deployed 4 times and it’s never easy, he’s my and our children’s personal hero hut hearing about you makes me appreciate everyone so much more – my husband saw it all and it changed him I can only imagine what you had to go through…
    God bless …

    1. Tia,

      Thank you to your family and your husband for your sacrifices. Appreciate the support so much and wish all the best for your family.


  34. I showed everyone that you responded. And they were like COOL. My teacher even said that it was cool. And thanks for the kind words Noah, it means a lot.

  35. Hi Noah, my name is Nayeli and i’m from Fowler CA. I’m a student from John Sutter Middle School, I am in the 8th grade.In my class we have been reading about you and all our class is really happy to come into class and read about you. I was talking with my teacher about you coming to our school to talk with us.
    – Nayeli Andrade

  36. Hi Noah I want to tell you that you are a big inspiration to me and my class. We have been talking about you in class, and the struggles you have gone through. You should come to our school and talk to us about everything because not all our school knows about you. I would appreciate it if you replied thank you.
    -Nayeli Andrade

  37. Hi Noah. Me and Nayell are in the same classroom. Both of us are the only ones that you have commented on. Mostly when you comment our comment everyone in the was getting impressed. Both of us thank you for your kind words and your inspiration. Also you should come to our school John Sutter Middle School in Fowler CA. We follow a sort of motto called R.O.A.R. R stands for Respect. O stands for On time Task. A stands for Attitude. And the last R stands for Responsibility. Everyone at Sutter follows that motto.

    1. Jesus – I received all of the letters from your class this week! Appreciate the support so much and LOVED reading all of the notes. Hopefully I can plan a trip out to CA soon.

      Keep working hard, buddy!


  38. Hi Noah,i’am from john sutter middle school me and my classmate really like your story and that you should come to sutter middle school i told the story to my brother he only has one leg like you do and he really like your story.

    1. Julian – WOW, loving all of the support from you and your classmates! Hope you continue to encourage your brother and remind him there are NO EXCUSES!


  39. As a former soldier in the army myself. My body hurts in some places after my tour in AFG. Then I come back uninspired to workout and get to my prior body… though I’m not fat I’m not where I wanna be. You inspired me to stop being a crybaby and get my ass back to the gym because I’m privileged to still have my limbs unlike you and my other comrades that lost theirs… thanks

  40. Noah,

    Just heard about your story! I work for the VA and am always amazed by all the stories I hear. Yours touched me in a special way!

    I will keep checking your “Upcoming Events”….hopefully, you’ll venture to Chicago in the near future. If you do, I’d love to meet you. We’ll go for a run along the lakefront! :) NO EXCUSES!


    1. Thank you for your service to the men and women of the US Armed Forces at the VA! Yes – hoping for a scheduled appearance in Chicago soon.


  41. seeing you on the cover of mens health i had to read more about you…first, thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country and secondly keep inspiring and be inspired!!

    1. D’angelo,

      Thank you for your kind words, but more importantly thank you for your donation to my fund! It’s folks like you that keep me going.


  42. Noah my teacher sent an email to the email you have me and there is a big possibility that you come in December or February. Thank you very much and I really hope you come.
    -Nayeli Andrade

  43. Hi Noah. Hearing that you might come to our school will be a great honor. Students will be so happy that they will probably faint. Just last week we sent care packages to U.S. Soldiers. We even sent one to one of my friend’s older brother. So all of us will be happy if you come to our school.

  44. I just watched the Ellen show that you appeared on. I was in tears watching it. You are truly an amazing person!!! I am REALLY sorry that you have gone through an awful ordeal but SOO happy that you have come so far!!! You are truly an inspiration!!! Sure hope the VA is there for you. My husband is a Veteran and I won’t even get into how I feel about their service, however, I hope you don’t have any problems with them!!! With love, Rheba

  45. I am going through a horrible humiliating divorce , maimed and distraught. I never heard of you till the other day, when the photo of you doing one-arm chin-ups in a cloudy park was circulated at our company, without any context. In the photo you are turned away from your injured side, intent on the chin-ups and the good side of your body, and your image flashed a message to me: like him, I can never get back the part of me and my life that was taken away, or the joys that I have lost, but I have to turn my back on that amputated life. I will never be whole again in the way that I was when I trusted, but that does not mean that I have to focus on the damage that will always be there. Your photo is at my office now, giving me strength to persevere everyday in getting beyond the emotional and psychological injuries, to a different kind of life.
    Your photo sent me the message that I later read in your page above: there is more to me than the injuries. Thank you so much.
    – Judy

  46. Hi Noah I just wanted to say I am from John Sutter Middle school and I just wanted to thank you for coming and inspiring all of us. I always thought it was ok to just give up but now I know i should always keep trying. Thank you noah!

  47. My 81 year old dad still calls himself a Marine, once a Marine always a Marine. My husband and two of my sons are Navy veterans. My eldest son is a gold medal winning (multiple times) cyclist, swimmer, and basketball team player for Special Olympics of Florida. My husband is fighting stage 3 pancreatic cancer. #noexcuses We are coaches for Special Olympics. We say, LET ME WIN, BUT IF I CANNOT WIN, LET ME BE BRAVE IN MY ATTEMPT. I admire your attitude, I thank you for your service, and I WILLA be voting for you on DWTS!!!

    1. Donna,

      I’m incredibly honored that you took the time to share your story with me. Thank you for your father and son’s service to our great country. And to your eldest son – keep up the incredible hard work! My thoughts are with your husband and his battle with cancer. The truth behind your saying is extremely powerful and I will keep it in mind as I compete in DWTS.



  48. Hi Noah. I have to tell you that you are truly amazing and very inspiring. I’m 57 and lost all 4 limbs 2 years ago due to septic shock. I was just thinking today that I’m too old to be living like this. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself all day, but after reading you bio, you have given me the drive to push forward. I will be watching DWTS and cheering you on.

    1. Lisa,
      I’m sorry it’s taken so long to respond, but I’m sure you understand how busy my schedule is. I’m honored that you’d find inspiration in my story and grateful for your support! Keep up that positive attitude and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!


      1. Noah I’ve known you since you were little . we are so proud of you and honored to call your family our friends. I name Tyler after Andy . Andrew is his middle name. Maybe one day we can see y’all. I was married to Sean Brown and our. Son learned yo walk at your house. I’m glad you are going down the path I always knew you were Destin for great things. Keep up good work !!! I have everyone voting for you on dwts. Take care. Tami Tyler

  49. I am a recent LAKA due to an accident (8/14). My homework assignment from my prosthetist was to do some research abou you. Wow! Thank you for being such an inspiration. I went back to work after 4 months. I love teaching kindergarten, and I am too young to just sit for the rest of my life. Watched DWTS for the first time tonight to see you. Keep inspiring!

    1. Lori,
      I’m honored that you find inspiration in my story. Yours is just as important a story, though! Thank you for watching, and thank you even more for inspiring the next generation in your classroom every day.


  50. Noah,

    My wife is a big DWTS fan… We just saw you dance tonight… All i can say is god bless you brother. No matter how far you make it in this competition, you have already accomplished so much. You really do have a rendezvous with destiny.

    When you were in baghdad with the “Five Oh Deuce” I was up in Kirkuk with “Bastogne”

    Good luck Noah, you are an inspiration to all.

    From a fellow Screaming Eagle,


    1. Zach,
      I’m sorry for taking so long to reply, but I’m sure you understand how busy my schedule is right now. Thanks for serving and thanks for watching! We’ll keep working hard and, with your support, hopefully we’ll be in the finale!


  51. Hi Noah,

    I was so inspired by your first dance tonight on DWTS. I have never been in the military and have never sustained injuries like yours. I have had health challenges that have affected my weight and I became discouraged. I like your no excuses motto and I will carry that with me as I work to get lean and strong. God bless you for your service for our country and the example you give us all of never giving up and facing challenges with courage.

    1. Kristina,
      Thank you for taking the time to reach out. I’m really honored that you found inspiration in my story and motto. No excuses is the way I live and it sounds like you’re making it work for you, too! Keep up the great work and keep watching DWTS.


  52. Sgt,

    I am in the coast guard and my brother was in your same company at Ft Campbell. Thank you for your service and all you do. Wishing you luck on dwts.

    God bless

    1. Allie,
      Sorry it’s taken so long to reply, but – as you can imagine – my schedule has bee really busy lately. Thanks to you and your brother for serving! Keep watching – it’s going to be exciting.


  53. Hey man, I have similar injuries like yours, I served with 101 as an FO for 2-237 no slack for Kosovo in 2000-01 also. That and a tour to afghan and Iraq. My questions were, have you ever considered training other wounded vets to get in shape?? I’m pretty much disabled left side but right sides good. I thought I was an inspiration with my county vet day speeches but u bro, killin it. Im 36 and still kickin, u should become a trainer. There is nothing more annoying than someone that doesn’t understand, you would fill this gap good. You probly have some excellent ways of getting in shape on the right side. Any secrets u wanna pass on here or tips?? :)

    1. I am, in fact, a trainer in my regular life. It sounds like we’re dealing with similar situations, so my only real tip is just not to quit – no excuses. You keep up the inspiration in your community, too!


  54. I watched you tonight on Dancing With the Stars. You are truly an inspiration to all! I broke my back when I was twenty-six falling down the stairs to get my boyfriend an aspirin. I have dealt with difficulties with that for years. Recently, I had thoracic fusion surgery. About a month after surgery I noticed a change in my recovery and now have deterioration. I get so much strength from watching people like you who have fought through battles for our country and also in coming back from your injuries. It makes me realize that even though I’m in pain I can appreciate each day for all the wonderful activities I can still do. Thank you for showing all of us that with determination we can do anything!!

  55. Noah,

    Great job on DTWS last night. You kicked butt. While watching I read your bio and immediately had a connection. In WW II my Dad served in the 101st 502 PIR (The Deuce) as a Demolition Specialist from Normandy to Bastogne. He was one tough old dude.

    You my friend are one of the” best of the best” You are doing great work and inspiring so many people. My wife and I are definitely on Team Noah. Thanks for your service and your sacrifice.

    All the best you you and your family. Blue Skies!

    (Proud to be the son of a Battered Bastard of Bastogne)

  56. Noah,

    You are such a great inspiration. I haven’t been doing well since I last left Afghanistan, but you are a shining example that life goes on and gets better. You’ve inspired me to get back in shape and re-enlist in the Army. You are a great man. Keep up the good work. I’ll have to meet you some day when I move back to Alabama. Good luck on DWTS, you have my vote.


  57. My husband and I read your story last night after watching Dancing With the Stars. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Our oldest son is named Noah and he will be graduating this year. He is a very intelligent underachiever. He actually watched the show with us for a while last night and we are hoping to use your story to inspire him for the next step in his life.
    You are a hero and an inspiration to all and I am proud my son shares your name

    Jeanette Dominguez


  58. Hey Noah!!

    As far as I’m concerned you’re the ONLY STAR with DWTS!!! Thanks for your service. I’ll be watching and you got my vote!!!

    My son in law is a Sgt in the Marine Corps, currently stationed in Okinawa.

  59. Noah,
    I am an Air Force veteran, I was a flight medic for almost 12 years and was able to see/feel what was going on over there. Thank you so much for your sacrifice BUT MORE so your ability to be and to stay positive. In these times we need more positive and less negative. I will be cheering you on and wish you the best, you are an inspiration to many. Thank you from one veteran to another.

  60. You are an amazing person. Loosing your arm and leg did not take away your very essence. I thank you for your service to our country and I thank you for your service now to people here in the states. And you kids are so cute. I know they are so proud of dad. I am proud of you and I don’t even know you. God bless you and yours.

  61. Noah, Forgive me for this lengthy post…but I just need to tell you I thank you for who you are; for the beautiful dance on DWS and that you inspired me. I am a congenital below elbow amputate. I grew up that nothing can stop me. My mom use tell me “can’t said the ant, but she did”. A silly saying that kept the “can’t” word out of my head. I always believe I could do anything which was the way I lived my life until 2 years ago. Now keep in mind I am 20+ year older than you…..but 2 years ago I had bi-lateral knee replacement and it knock the wind out of me. I can only imagine what you went through after losing your limbs. So here is how YOU inspired me….1) for your service to our county (and feeling a small connection) … I grew up as an army brat, my dad was station at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in the late sixties and Walter Reed Medical when returning to the states (in fact for 3-4 years my prosthesis were made out of Walter Reed); 2)your “can do” attitude; 3)joining DSW which inspired me to get me off my butt and get back into shape. So last week I went back to spinning class (which I loved before my knee surgery). My knees, lower back and shoulders (due the my harness of my cable pull prosthesis) hurt and ached for a week. But I went again today (Tuesday) and it was hard….however I thought of you during the class and it kept me going 45 min. Thank you in reminding me want I was taught as a child. No excuses and can’t is not a option!!!! I will continue to watch you on DSW and voting!!!! If you are ever in DC/MD area..I would love to meet you. Thanks!!!!! P.S I am now seeing Mike Corcoran @ Medical Center O&P for a new prothisis….who also is contracted with Walter Reed and happens to know you.

  62. As a Vietnam Vet, I want to thank you for your service and salute your strength of character. GBA & GBOT

    I hope you win!!! You are an inspiration to all.

  63. Hey Noah! It’s been a few years since we built the house for Scot! The Duncan’s will definitely be there in the building of your new home! I miss babysitting little Jack! We are voting for you every week, good luck! Also, hope to get together once you get back home!

    1. Hi Anna,

      Team Noah writing here – I’ll be sure to let Noah know you want to reconnect after the show (May 20th). Until then, take care! The camera loved Jack during Week 1’s performance – no surprise there.


  64. Noah, I’ve been a huge fan of Dancing with the Stars for several years! Now I am even more of a fan now that you are on there! I’m a native of Clanton, AL, so it is super cool to have someone representing AL. Your story inspires so many people, and it inspires me! I have danced since the age of 6, and now your first performance changed the entire way I perceive dance! Your story is a blessing! I will continue to pray for you and Sharna as you take on this incredible journey! Keep dancing and keep inspiring! You guys have all my votes!

  65. Noah, as a 37y/o AKA, you are someone that my wife and I truly look up to and inspired by. Often I’ve found myself making excuses after excuses but more so lately have felt such conviction especially when I first picked up your Men’s Health mag.
    First thing: Awesome job on the first dance.
    Second thing, I’m sure you’ve been pretty occupied to consider it but as you know it’s difficult to find a good exercise plan/video/whatever for amputees and would love to have you do one. Especially for someone like me who can’t run, along with finding ways to concentrate exercises to certain muscles while making sure all muscles are utilized and worked- it would be so useful to watch how someone has overcome those issues and how they did it.
    So many of us sense our limitations and even base our identity around them, not knowing how to get out of that rutt but needing SOMEthing to PUSH us in the right direction. And even me typing this Knows there are ways to better myself physically but hesitate as fear sets in, suggesting that time and exercise routine will be useless.
    Just wanted to share my appreciation and thoughts.
    Be well brother.

  66. Hey Noah, you have inspired me so much, and I will be cheering you on on Dancing With The Stars, and I just love how you are so strong even though two of your limbs are missing. Stay strong, and good luck!

  67. Wow! Is all I can say…I am so impressed and inspired by your performance and your attitude! You did amazing!! Your children are beautiful!!

    Thank you for being so great and for all you have done for this country!!

    You rock!!

  68. Noah:

    I watch you on Dancing with the stars you are an inspiration to all, I love watching you dance. God bless you. I want to say thank you for fighting for our country. You are amazing.

  69. Not only are you an incredible human being but you are THE SEXIEST MAN I have ever seen on DWTS!!!! I love that they surprised you with your gorgeous GF…..thank you both for your service!!!!

  70. I’m pulling for you noah in DWTS. Good luck brother!! I was there back then and will never forget!! First strike brother!!!

  71. Thank u for all ur hard works as I am reading ur story I am crying right nowur so brave!be courageous
    GOD BLESS U and may HE shining HIS FACE over u.

    1. Appreciate the support so much, Schaina!

      I need all the votes I can get, so please be sure to tune in to ABC’s DWTS at 7|8 PM CST and dial 855-234-5605 for Team Shway.


  72. Go go go Noah!!! We are rooting for you allll the way up in Toronto, Ontario!! Wish we could vote for you! My dad suffered a debilitating stroke June 2014 and I said to him, ‘If that man can go out there and dance, you can get up and walk again!!’ Your strength, courage, drive and determination is inspirational! Thank you!! All the best, hope to see you raise that Mirror Ball trophy above your head!!

    1. Appreciate the support so much!

      I need all the votes I can get, so please be sure to tune in to ABC’s DWTS at 7|8 PM CST and dial 855-234-5605 for Team Shway.


  73. Hi Noah. You are an inspiration and God knows I need some right now. How did you bring yourself up from the bottom? I can’t find the strength nor the courage but I want to. Deep inside I want to. I just do not know how. It is so hard.
    Good Luck on DWTS. You are wonderful.

    1. Appreciate the support so much! Don’t give up on yourself. If at any time you need someone to talk to, please don’t be afraid to call a professional helpline. They are there to help!


  74. Hi Noah, My grade is doing an English project in school about perseverence. We have to write about someone who has persevered intheir life and I instantly thought of you. I have been watching DWTS for as long as I can remember and when theysaidyour story it inspired me so much. It is beyond words how much you have persevered in your life and there is no other better person to pick for this essay than you. I just wanted to let you know how inspirational you are and that I amd dedicating this essay to you!

  75. Hi Noah! First of all, thank you for your service. I am so inspired by you. I am a bilateral below knee amputee. I also lost all the digits on my left and the tips of all but the thumb on the right side. It’s the only fingernail in my entire body. My loss was from septic shock with subsequent DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation) in June 2008. I often get told by those close to me that they don’t see me as disabled which is such a compliment. I am sure you get that too. I just wanted to say Hey! and that I am watching you and voting for you on DWTS! Good luck. I hope you win!!

    1. Appreciate the support so much! Keep working hard and proving everyone wrong!

      I need all the votes I can get, so please be sure to tune in to ABC’s DWTS at 7|8 PM CST and dial 855-234-5605 for Team Shway.


  76. Dear Noah,

    I would like you to know it was an Honor and a Privilege to have met you, and all of our staff at The Fairfield Inn Ft Leonard Wood was also happy to meet you.

    If your ever in this area again please stay with us, you are family.

    We are hoping and praying that you win, on Dancing with the Stars, and that your foundation is successful

    Again its a Honor
    From this old Engineer HOOOOOOOOW

    Thomas Pax

    1. Appreciate the support so much! It was a pleasure to meet you during my stay at FLW – maybe our paths will cross again soon.

      I need all the votes I can get, so please be sure to tune in to ABC’s DWTS at 7|8 PM CST and dial 855-234-5605 for Team Shway.


  77. Noah, On the 25, and 26 of March 2015 We were at Ft. Leonard for our granddaughter’s family day and graduation from the 787th MP. I saw you and Jamie going in to the events on both days and was impressed with your arm muscles and told my wife that I bet you were a veteran. We were at Cracker Barrel the evening of the 25 behind you in line and I wanted to strike up a conversation but didn’t. You asked if we were in line and I said that we had already put our name in. I just want to thank you for your service and extreme sacrifice that you gave. God bless you in the future and good luck tonight on Dancing with the stars. Keith and Joann Walker

  78. Noah,
    First of all thank you for your service & sacrifices to us and our country. As an Army wife I was sitting back reading and watching your story and it moved me to tears, not just for what you have been through, but for your courage, strength, and determination to keep going & not give up! To not let it define you or hinder you from your goals in life! You have inspired me so much! I have been working out trying to get back in shape. My husband is too! He worked out almost all of his deployment and is looking forward to get his body in shape for the Spartan race! I used to complain that it is too hard, & I cant do this or that because of my body codition. After seeing how hard it must have been for you, & you still drive through the pain. I looked in the mirror and literally said, ” Girl please, he has it way harder than you do & he’s kickin tail on it!” “So suck it up buttercup!” So when I feel like giving up, complaining, or doubting my strength & ability, I think of your story & motto “NO EXCUSES” & it pushes me to do better! Thank you for not giving up, & being an inspiration to others expecially our veterans! I hope someday I will get the chance to meet you in person & thank you personally for your dedication to life & our country! Kick butt on DWTS. We are team Galloway all the way!!

    1. Truly appreciate the kind words and support, Robin! Often times, the military families are not thanked enough for their sacrifices to support their significant other – so I thank YOU.

      Keep up the incredible work!


  79. I guess all Galloways are related from way back, Ireland and Scotland. Our family had roots in the South. We are appreciative of the price you paid to keep our country free and proud that we share a name. We are a retired couple who just moved to a beautiful lake in Oklahoma. If you would like to visit for some good fishing and watersking you have an invitation here.

  80. Thank you for your service. You are a true American Hero. A really great dancer on Dancing With the Stars, too!!!!!

  81. Noah

    Thank you for your service!

    As an old Marine Vietnam vet, I certainly appreciate your sacrifices and have a reasonably good understanding of what you endured. I received 36%, 2nd degree burns while in country and received great care in an Army hospital located in Japan.

    I sure caught some heat from Army about being a Marine.

  82. Hey Noah

    You got all my votes tonight. I usually dvr the show and never get to vote but tonight i was in the moment for you. You’re awesome! Stay strong!

    1. Appreciate the votes, Carolyn! Will you tune in live to tomorrow’s live show? 8|7c on ABC – hope to see you there!


      1. Noah

        Wasnt able to tune in live sorry. Between work and care giving to my mom who has alzheimers, the minute i sit down i fall asleep. But thats just an excuse…no excuses right!!! Your dance was beautiful, emotional and powerful. Keep up the good work! I’ll be there monday to vote for you. I’ll plank during commercials to stay awake.
        Thank you for all youve done for us!!!

  83. Noah,

    Great job on DTWS last night. You kicked butt. While watching I read your bio and immediately had a connection. In WW II my Dad served in the 101st 502 PIR (The Deuce) as a Demolition Specialist from Normandy to Bastogne. He was one tough old dude.

    You my friend are one of the” best of the best” You are doing great work and inspiring so many people. My wife and I are definitely on Team Noah. Thanks for your service and your sacrifice.

    All the best you you and your family. Blue Skies!

    Proud to be the son of a Battered Bastard of Bastogne

  84. noah
    I was hit on route sportster on 13 jun 05 on the way back from the Alamo, it was two 152 soviet arty rounds tied together, your unit relieved our unit, my driver lost an eye and my right arm was shattered, but im driving on! im right down the road from ya in Maplesville, im the chief of police there.

  85. You’re such a positive inspiration, Noah! I vote for you every every Monday night! I myself am planning on doing infantry, and you’re my hero! You have my votes, and I wish you best of luck this season!

  86. Noah,
    You are a total inspiration. I am going to declare that depression will never be a part of your life. Your presence and spirit heals many from depression. We appreciate your valour. God bless you.

  87. Noah,
    I am not into social media postings, but your story has captured the hearts of so many following you on DWTS. The English language is running out of words for gratitude for your service , and to describe the incredible, inspirational journey of #noexcusesNoah!

    If I were not a retired teacher, I definitely would be working to get you to speak at our school. Your expectations and attitude over disability are truly motivating for everyone’s challenges in life.

    Your dancing with Sharna is a joy to watch! Your friendship, her amazing choreography, and your commitment to excellence shine- as if effortlessly flowing with the music. Your kids pumping their fists with pride in your accomplishments brought tears to my eyes. Jamie and your entire family are blessed with your presence.

    I have always given to Wounded Warriors Project, but am now going to also contribute to your charitable foundation. Making a difference, paying it forward, are 2 philosophies that I’ve lived by. A work ethic and helping others helps heal one’s own losses and difficult times in the journey of life.

    Best wishes for continued successes !! #Team Shway – go for it!

    1. Alison,

      Wow – I am incredibly moved by your post. Thank you so much for your kind words and support!

      Your donation will directly support my youth sports scholarship program to help encourage kids in my hometown to embrace wellness and fitness. It’s people like you that help the No Excuses Charitable Fund grow and give back.

      Endless thanks,


      1. Although it is probably a Team Noah rep responding to posts, that’s fine with your busy schedule.

        I meant to express my respect and admiration for your mindset in meeting challenges, overcoming obstacles. Your attitude evolved into becoming an outstanding example for living life… and you do it with such integrity, grace and humor.

        Over the years, I’ve had neck and both shoulder surgeries with resulting chronic pain, nerve and muscle damage. I also had both knee replacements. I was a model and enthusiastic PT patient, often encouraging others who wanted to give up. The hardest thing to accept was that I could only rehab my body so much. Many things have become increasingly difficult with age- simple things we take for granted, like gardening, carrying a purse, being unable to lift anything, having to pay someone to shovel my car out, and having groceries delivered. I have range of motion, but can barely lift 2-3 lbs.

        This is not a complaint, but an acknowledgement to anyone reading this, that sometimes things can’t be fixed. You have to have strong will and determination, and take each day with gratitude. Your inner and physical strength is just amazing, Noah!

        I can’t wait to see you and Sharna perform contemporary to “An American Soldier.” It will be powerful and emotional and well executed by Team Shway!!

  88. Noah you are amazing! I watch you on DWTS. Inspiring to all of us. Thank you for your service. I’m voting for you!!!

  89. Hi Noah,

    I just watch your most memorable year performance on DWTS and it was amazing! You are truly an inspiration to many people! You are an American Soilder (love that song by the way) and that routine and the story behind it brought tears to my eyes! There’s something about really connecting dance to real life events that make a routine so special and memorable for everyone. Thank you for showing everyone the journey of acceptance!

    Thank you for your service and God Bless!

  90. Hello, just got thru watching the episode of dancing with the Stars where you performed to the song American soldiers. I have something I would like to tell you, by the way you are the only person that knows this. Before I tell you anything let me tell you about me. I was born with spina bifida. I am paralyzed from the waist down. With this condition comes depression. I was diagnosed approximately 15yrs ago. Now this is the hardest part for me to admit. Ever since that day I have felt stuck, lost, not really knowing who I am and how to not let the depression take control. I just wanted to let you know that your performance changed something in me. Thank you. If you have a chance I would like to get an email from you personally about this. Thank you again.

  91. Watched DWTS since inception. They have had some inspiring guest in the past, but you are the most inspiring by far. You nailed it tonight with American Soldier. God saved you for a special purpose to show others that one’s abilities are only limited in their mine. You have the heart and soul of a leader and your grace and humility is humbling. Thank you for your service to our country. I was thrilled to learn that you were Sweet Home Alabama grown. On 9/11/15 they are dedicating a memorial to those who lost their lives from Alabama on 9/11 and those who fought the war on terrorism. It will be at the USS Alabama Park. Hope you, your fiance, kids and family can come join in this dedication. Look forward to more incredible dancing and voting. Thank you again, God Bless you and God Bless America.

  92. Thank you for your service.
    Thank you for your inspiration l
    Thank you for your DWTS……shirtless….hunka, hunka man :)
    I am old but not dead and appreciate you a lot!
    You dance very well!
    God bless you.

  93. Dear Noah:
    I am beyond inspired by you (and yes I have voted for you on dancing with the stars).
    I have been working with the VA for the past three years as a mental health therapist. At one time my focus was PTSD/substance abuse. Now, I am in general mental health down in south Texas.
    Sometimes I get so tired and feel that I am accomplishing nothing within the VA/soldier population; however, when I began watching DWTS (my first time ever/never watched it before) I find myself being completely re-energized and ready to back to the field (VA).
    I know that the VA gets a bad wrap…but let me tell you firsthand…there are a lot of us working hard. You represent that hard work. Thank you.
    Please let me know if I can ever be a part of your work with veterans. Also,…maybe you could come speak at the Harlingen VA! We are close to South Padre Island…so you can go to the beach too!
    Kristine Drake, LCSW

  94. Noah,

    Thank you for your service. Thank you for being such an inspiration to myself and everyone.. My hubby and I were both at a Fort Campbell in 2005.. My hubby deployed with you at that time. I love you on dancing with stars. You and Sharna are perfect..

  95. Noah,
    Thank you for encouraging, inspiring, showing raw courage, strength, tenacity and power of being an incredible human being to us all. I am captivated by your dance and story each time I watch DWTS. The amount you lost and have endured due to your service for us is incomprehensible but what you have gained and given to others is phenomenal!

    I have a 32 year old daughter who has been blind since premature birth and she has grown to be an individual who does anything she puts her mind to. She is so inspired by you. It is very easy to get caught in ruts but “no excuses” is the perfect mantra to keep focused on what CAN be done instead of what CANNOT.
    God’s Love to you and your future!

  96. Hi Noah,
    You are an inspiration to all of us. In the A Shau Valley, we had a saying, DON’T MEAN NOTHING, DRIVE ON. You bring that old 101st ABN motto back to life. “An American Soldier” knocked it out of the park. It’s not the end but a new beginning. Drive on Brother. 101ABN DIVARTY, we still have your back. You’re inside the wire and safe. US ARMY RET

  97. First and most importantly… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY!!!

    As I watch you on DWTS I am completely amazed by the human being that you are. What an inspiration to so many. You have my vote!

    Secondly, my husband and I are American Legion Riders. We ride to raise money and awareness for our local veterans. You sir have validated again my honor and love for military men and women. If you have any information as a veteran, that I can use to help more or do more please pass it along to me if it isn’t too much trouble.

    Thank you again for your service and your sacrifice!

  98. Hi Noah!
    First of all, I want to thank you for your service and what you do. You are my hero and an inspiration to me and to so many people across the globe. You are an amazing dancer! You do what so many of us with all limbs are terrify to do. You have amazing strength! I am so darn proud of you for getting through those dark days and think about what you have and moving forward and living it. You’re just incredible to me, and I love what you’re doing. Keep up the great work!

  99. Hi Noah,

    I have also been fortunate to catch DWTS when you have been on with your dancing partner.
    Your determination is extraordinary.
    As a Scottish women currently living outside of my country , you ROCK that Kilt!!

  100. Noah, I’ve watched you on dwts and I am so proud of you.
    You are a true hero and a true inspiration to everyone! May god bless you and your family! Hope to see you someday in New York!

  101. Noah,
    Just wanted to say what you did in Iraq is courageous, brave and so many other amazing things, but what you are doing now is even bigger and such a greater contribution. You are touching so many lives by stepping outside of yourself and living #noexcusesnoah.

    I have a little understanding of what it is like for your guys and gals to come home after war, as my nephew is a disabled vet. I just wish he had your resolve, but instead he has given up. I have to say you truly are a “SUPERHERO”! I am a new fan! Thank you, for stepping outside of yourself and choosing to live, and share that life with all of us!

  102. Hi Noah,

    Love, love, love your performances on DWTS!! Even more than that I love what you are doing to help the Veteran community and to spread the message of “No Excuses” and moving forward despite life’s difficulties. My fiance, Rick Cicero, who I believe a mutual friend of ours may have spoken to you about, is a carbon copy of you when it comes to attitude and a mirror image of you physically! He lost his right arm above the elbow and his right leg above the knee in an IED blast in August 2010. Just like you, he has not let that interfere with living life to the fullest. He counts his blessings every day!! Two of his favorite “mottos” are “Life isn’t over. It’s just different” and “An ounce of effort is worth a pound of results.” Rick is the busiest retired guy I know. Besides spoiling me, he spends the majority of his time organizing activities that get injured Active Duty and Veteran servicemen and women up and moving with a purpose. Rick bikes, swims, runs, skydives, practices Jiu Jitsu and much more. He is currently writing curriculum and teaching Adaptive Combatives for the Army (would love to get you involved). I’m so incredibly proud of him, and of you, too, for the way you both have chosen to live your lives and to make a difference in the lives of others. We hope to catch up with you at some point. If you get a chance, look Rick up on Facebook at Richard J Cicero Jr. Continued best wishes to you!!!!

  103. Wow, I just watched the dance from the other night and decided to look you up and noticed you were a part of 1-502, 2BCT here at the 101st. I’m currently stationed here with 526 BSB, also in 2BCT! I want to thank you for your service and you’ll be getting my votes! You’re a true hero!


    -PFC Gardner

  104. Noah, as I struggle with my health and trying to make sense of things, I sometimes find myself feeling deflated. Then I carry on but then deflate again. I want you to know that since watching you on DWTS and exploring this site, you have been an extraordinary inspiration and a source of strength for me. Today was a particularly hard day for me and just when I felt that I wanted to throw my hands up, I thought of you, watched your Monday night dance again and came here to visit your site again for inspiration. And now with my heart filled with emotion, my eyes with tears and lungs with oxygen, I feel I can, once again, carry on.

    From the bottom of my heart, Noah I thank you.

  105. Noah a big Chapeau when i saw you on FB with dancing with the stars. Thank you for this beautifull performance. Greetings from the Netherlands.

  106. Noah;
    I never got hurt on active duty, but 30 days ago, I was in a nasty motorbike crash. Broken right collar bone, broken ribs, fractured right knee…surgery pins, stuck in a wheel chair for 3 months. Was feeling sorry for myself…Then I saw your performance to American Soldier and learned about your story. I got out of that wheel chair that day and I’m done with the self pity. You touched my life and changed me.
    Thank you,

  107. Noah, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service in keeping us safe so that we may go on with our lives and all you did for us. My nephew also was wounded by an IED and hurt very seriously. He spent months at Walter Reed and than at the V.A. In Richmond. He was very lucky as he almost lost one of his legs but they had a Dr. From Germany come here within hours of removing it and he said he could salvage the leg but he would never run again. Today you would not know what happened to him other then all the scares, he runs, praise God! I admired all you over came and how you inspire all of those that have a hard time dealing with things. You are a true American Hero! Thank you! I would love to hear you speak sometime. And you dance amazingly!

  108. Noah,
    From One Wounded Veteran To Another… Thank You For Your Service And For Inspiring And Empowering Me And Others Going Thru Some Difficult Times In Life… Coping… Adapting… Surviving… Living… And To Help Finding One´s Definiteness Of Purpose…
    Toujours Pret!

  109. Hey Noah my names Mary 29 yr old Canadian and I juss wanted to let u kno that what I’ve heard of you and read about u is truly amazing inspirational an motivational u haven’t let your disadvantages become u many would have decided I’m disabled and let it become them u u ma dear have decided I have a disadvantage but it’s not who I am I am not a disabled man who cannot go on and do great look at u becoming a prime example an motivating inspirational story to many alike keep it up ur amazing way to go

  110. Thank you is too small a sentiment got what you’ve done for my freedom. I watched your “American Soldier ” performance on DWTS and cried……ok sobbed. As a proud family member of many in the service, past and present, my prayers stay with our service persons. As a proud family member, I look to you and thank God for a spirit of healing and gusto. You turned yourself around and are out here naming a huge difference in people’s lives even when you could’ve stayed angry and broken. Noah, we may never meet, but your story of overcoming after giving so much of yourself has touched me in an immeasurable way. I salute you! My uncle being a retired CSM would also salute, as would the rest of this proud family. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  111. Noah, thank you dearly for your service. Also, thank you for what you are now doing that is helping so many others.

    I just wrote down “no excuses, find a way” to refer to when depression hits me hardest.

    I’m a widow of many years, miss my man (military/then policeman/died from stresses that come with that kind of service). I grew up under sad/deep abuses and still struggle a lot with depression/self worth issues, but have learned: DO NOT keep going back into that deep dark hole. I come across as a strong woman, so most people are not aware of how much I struggle…….not hiding it from them…….I just ‘seem’ like I deal well with life, but would not be able to deal at all without faith in God’s love. Feeling/trusting His love has been difficult, but life-changing, for me. He doesn’t take our struggles from us but is there to Help as we ask Him to be.
    Also, it has greatly helped to focus on what I can do for others, as well as for my family…… I have a disabled son, strive to guide him in working life around his challenges…….he is awesome. Have another son, now alcohol free……he is amazing and so determined to fix his life/mend fences……my other children were not happy with me when I took him in……but his progress has been truly miraculous. I have learned a great life lesson with these 2 sons: helping others is all about extending an olive branch (peaceful) of acceptance/not judging/NO criticism/just hold up that mirror of seeing the best in them.

    If I could sum it all up, it would be what I’ve learned from letting myself feel God’s love for me: “love yourself, then give love to your family/others, then gratefully watch His miracles pour down upon you”.

  112. Noah,
    I give you a lot of respect for bravely serving our country. Watching you on Dancing with Stars so far shows that no matter the circumstance, you can rise up from the ashes. You are an inspiration and a role model to many. Thanks for showing that! You are getting my votes on Dancing with Stars!

  113. I’ve been a supporter of Peach’s Neet Feet for awhile, and I love that you are involved with them. Good luck tonight, and enjoy time with Peach and Haven!

  114. Me and my 13 year 0ld are so thankful and inspired by all of your dedication and hard work. You are a wonderful role model to young men. Thank you from Cullman

  115. Noah,

    I am an Air Force wife of 3 years tomorrow (April 14). Your story has inspired not only myself but my husband. He had back surgery a year ago and after I showed him last weeks DWTS episode (American Soldier dance) he was back at the gym the very next day. Thank you so much for still fighting even though I’m sure it gets hard. My cousin and I watch every single week and are so amazed at everything you have done. Keep up the amazing work!! We’re voting for ya’ll to win!!!


  116. Noah, my daughter and I love watching you dance! She is a competitive tap dancer. She practices hard and often gets tired and sore. She watched you dance one night while procrastinating about practice and declared “If he can do it, so can I! Let’s practice!” She has adopted your motto–no excuses! Thanks, Noah for your inspiration! We will keep voting and wishing you well!

  117. Noah,
    Aladdin #TeamShway introduced us to “another beautiful world” of dance last night! What you may lack in limbs to perform some ballroom dance is clearly made up for with your genuine humble personality, your determination for perfection, your commitment and friendship with amazing Sharna. You did so many things well, as always, with your sway, frame, turns, musicality and flow with Sharna!

    You had us all entranced/engaged from your first night on DWTS. You bring hope and inspiration as you focus on what one CAN do to overcome obstacles. You make the content you are able to do look easy, when nothing about ballroom dancing is easy. Sharna is so talented as a dancer and choreographer as well as the team Shway coach!

    Haven’s story is heartwrenching, but one of incredible love and hope she found with her adoptive family and benefiting from your charity donation. I am delighted to donate again to your cause.

    That you have 33 million views on your contemporary memorable moment to “American Soldier” is a testament to the awareness and inspiration you are bringing to the wounded veterans and disabled.

    Keep dancing! America is behind you all the way!

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